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Why be a (superhuman) book reviewer?

Book reviews are of great importance to publishers. They are like super humains to us, since they contribute to society, without (customarily) having direct self-benefit from it, and really to contribute in their way. By sharing their opinion or views on a certain matter of publication.

They help publisher to keep their quality in order and in check and up to the required level. It also and help others like yourself to better evaluate the quality of a publication.

Having a publication and product reviewed is a standard process in the publishing process. Preferably you find different professionals, with different perspectives and viewpoints. But also professionals with a lot of experience, a big name, and industry fame are great values of a reviewer.

Sometimes a reviewer also creates a name for him or here selfs, by in fact providing so many reviews. Being able to provide good comprehensive reviews often is a quality that professionals have that can also be an author.  

There are also some possible perks, being our reviewer.

  • Eternal fame! Or at least it’s quite cool that your name is mentioned by the reference. It shows you know what you are talking about. Definitely if you also share your review via social media.


  • Become part of the regular Authors & Reviewers teams, which means you will often be amongst the first to get a publication and see its content. But also being able to leave your mark on it. And so indirectly also on the professionals that leverage this publication.


  • Become an author, or ar altleast initiate your first steps to possibly become a writer, we are always looking for new quality authors. In general, only about 30% of authors starting on a book manage to finish it. And from those just 50% is suitable for publishing. This is a very confronting number, but writing is not an easy job. And it requires a certain set of skills in combination with strong commitment and perseverance. Being a published author is quite an accomplishment. The first step in this is starting to write and give your opinion. And also evaluate how others review your opinion. So to start small, sharing some reviews might be a good step to evaluate your writing skills and abilities.

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