Van Haren Learning Solutions and BIAN: Train-The-Trainer (TTT) webinar


We are in the next phase to establish the BIAN Certification to members and non-members and offer a Train-The-Trainer Webinar. The objective of this webinar is to educate trainers and BIAN experts on how they can provide quality training in understanding and applying BIAN. As support this webinar will use the BIAN Foundation Courseware.

We would like to invite your Trainer colleagues to this webinar. The webinar is free of charge!

Date: September 19, 2019

09.00 AM – 11.00AM (CEST) 

05.00 PM – 07.00PM (CEST) 

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On 19 September 2019 (19-09-2019) Van Haren Learning Solutions and The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) host a Train-The-Trainer (TTT)  webinar. The objective of this webinar is to educate trainers and BIAN experts on how they can provide quality training in BIAN. As support this webinar will use the BIAN Foundation Courseware (Public release planned early September 2019).

When is the webinar

In order to cover all time zones we will host the webinar on 19 September 2019  at 09.00 AM (CEST) and 05.00 PM (CEST).

The webinar will be a two-hour webinar where Patrick Derde, Senior BIAN Architect, will cover the seven BIAN training modules and where Maurits van der Plas, Director Van Haren Learning Solutions, will explain the BIAN Foundation Certification.

During the webinar Maurits van der Plas will first give a short introduction and explanation about the certification. After which Patrick Derde will go chronologically though the courseware, highlighting certain slides and attention points of the BIAN courseware. The agenda of the course will be:

OrderSubjectBy Time
IntroductionMaurits van der Plas10 min. 
 About the BIAN Foundation Certification and case studyMaurits van der Plas10 min.
 Module 1 Chapter 1Patrick Derde10 min.
 Module 2 Chapter 2Patrick Derde10 min.
 Module 3 Chapter 3Patrick Derde10 min.
 Module 4 Chapter 4Patrick Derde20 min.
 Module 5 Chapter 5Patrick Derde20 min.
 Module 6 Chapter 6Patrick Derde10 min.
 Module 7 Chapter 7Patrick Derde  5 min.
 Module 8 Chapter 8Patrick Derde  5 min.
 Questions Patrick Derde & Maurits van der Plas10 min.

Why this Webinar

Early this year BIAN and Van Haren Learning Solutions pre-released the BIAN Foundation Certification. Together we prepared the courseware and the online exam you need to do to get certified in BIAN. BIAN, and Van Haren Learning Solutions and many contributors have been working around the clock to organize the eco-system, tools and certification scheme surrounding the actual certification.

However, there are not enough trainers who can teach BIAN in such a didactic way that it’s not too theoretical, but clear and practical to students. So that these students can directly use and apply the BIAN concepts. Therefore BIAN and Van Haren Learning Solutions initiated this BIAN TTT webinar. We provide an oversight of tasks that have been executed since the BIAN Foundation Certification has been announced:  

  • – Published the BIAN Foundation Syllabus
  • – Defined the Accreditation and Certification requirements and scheme
  • – Onboarding of first Accredited Training partners (see
  • – Have instructions and support for Candidate trainers
  • – Elaborate qualitative questions for the exam
  • – Setup of the practice exam (Including the courseware and the exam voucher)
  • The BIAN Foundation Courseware
  • – Write Case studies and corresponding assignments
  • – Visualization via ArchiMate mapping   
  • – Have Social Badges for candidate trainers after passing the exam

Who is this BIAN Train-The-Trainer webinar Intended for? 

This BIAN TTT is for professionals who would like to learn how to train BIAN, or BIAN experts or users who have an ambition to become a trainer in BIAN and would like to have some instructions about how they can train best.

A requirement for trainers to teach in BIAN is that they have past the exam with a minimum passing rate of 85%. This is not required for the TTT although it’s highly recommended to have passed the certification or at a minimum having read the book. 

This webinar will not specifically explain what BIAN is. It will explain how to teach the BIAN principles and expects a minimum level of understanding in BIAN.

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