VeriSM includes SAM (software asset management) which is a service – not a process


Introduction VeriSM includes SAM

Software Asset Management is the right blend of people, systems and processes required to manage your software and software-related assets throughout their entire lifecycle – to an agreed scope.  To that end, we have sought to highlight the basics of SAM, and how inserting a pinch of SAM common sense at the service-design stage of service management will reap dividends in the long term.

1.     The Basics:

Clearly, VeriSM is a refresh of all the Service Management and IT disciplines currently in vogue, and SAM has recently gone through a re-fresh of its own:  ISO 19770-1: 2017 has now laid the foundations for ITAM (SAM + HAM = ITAM) to be managed in the same way Service Management and Information Security is crafted iaw ISO Standardisation.

2.     Summary:

Myself and Kylie Fowler were given a brief to create a short introduction to SAM, and so we were also at pains to highlight the value in applying SAM experience once services hit BAU – Software vendors are notorious for changing the terms and conditions of their licensing multiple times throughout a software title’s lifecycle, so keeping pace with those changes is critical in avoiding licence compliance landmines.  And let’s not forget the technological advances that re-define legal interpretations also.

Top tip:  DO NOT buy a SAM suite and expect it to cure you of your SAM woes; you will be altering the culture and approach to software in your company if you want to see good SAM in place.

SAM video

3.     Target Audience:

The introduction to SAM was crafted for those folks who have a general appreciation of IT but would like to dip their toe into the wonderful world of SAM! We sought to avoid SAM-related acronyms wherever possible..

4.     Scope:

SAM is here to stay – it is the discipline around which software vendors make their money.  The only way SAM would disappear would be if software vendors decided one day to give away their rights to use their products.

5.     Relevant reading

If you wished to dig deeper into SAM, then the SAM Charter website would be a great place to start ( We have a comprehensive blog section, and also a whitepapers page if we didn’t manage to scare you off with our blogs! (    I would also recommend Kylie’s website ( and for news and views from the ITAM community at large, Martin’s Thompson’s ITAM Review website ( is a great source of content and opinion.

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