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How did VeriSM™ get defined and built?

There is a wide need for relevant training and certification in the Service Management area, based upon market feedback.

The not-for-profit IFDC (International Foundation for Digital Competences) was established to combine strengths in partnership, and to create one accepted standard in the market as opposed to fragmentation.

An Architect team, led by a Chief Architect and Lead Authors, and supported by a worldwide team of over 50 leading Service Management, DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Lean and Business Management co-authors, contributors and reviewers, from both the private and public world, was set up to create the VeriSM™ Approach.

What makes VeriSM™ different from what’s already out there?

VeriSM™ is a holistic, business-oriented approach to Service Management, which helps you make sense of the growing landscape of best practices out there, and how you can best integrate them to add value to your business. It is therefore different in that it provides the ‘glue’ which helps you bring all of the different practices together and make best use of them. There is no other approach which fulfils this need.

VeriSM™ is also different in that it does away with the ‘one size fits all’ approach once and for all and instead facilitates a tailored approach, so that an organization can select different practices to establish an optimal Target Operating Model, depending upon the individual business situation.

VeriSM™ is also more business-oriented and less prescriptive than many of the other approaches out there, which makes it more accessible and easier to understand.

What is the VeriSM™ approach?

In the VeriSM™ approach, governance overarches every activity, keeping a strong focus on value, outcomes and the organization’s goals. Service management principles are then defined for the organization. These act as guardrails, to make sure that all products and services are aligned with the needs of the organization

Principles are defined for areas including security, risk, quality and use of assets, and then communicated to all of the staff who are involved with the development and operation of products and services.

The unique element of the VeriSM™ model is the management mesh. This provides a flexible approach that can be adapted depending on the requirements for a particular product or service.

The mesh includes:
– Resources
– Environment
– Emerging technologies
– Management practices

For each product or service, these areas are considered and the mesh is flexed where necessary.

Relevant reading and website (organization)

VeriSMtm – A service management approach for the digital age (Van Haren Publishing; c. 350 pages; list price c. €49,50 excl. VAT.)

Global Standards and Publications – Edition 2018/2019