Webinar recording: How the Rabobank benefited from the Agile Certification


Webinar recording: How the Rabobank benefited from the Agile Certification

In this webinar recording, Frederik Schukken (Rabobank), will highlight how Rabobank has used the Agile Certification program to set up a successful and sustainable internal agile coaching and champion program based on the Certify-To-Inspire program. He will show how this has enabled Rabobank to grow an Agile culture and how they started this initiative. Hopefully, this will help other organizations with similar ambitions.

Before Frederik, the Jarl Meijer (Agile Consortium) will explain how the Agile Consortium certification is different from what else is out there in the market, why it’s different from Scrum, or for example IMPA and why and how it can truly help professionals in their career.

will address how to amend existing Agile and Scrum training so that they are aligned with the Certify-to-Inspire certification program. Choosing to participate in Certify-To-Inspire means becoming proficient in Agile, gain a valuable certificate, and joining a broader community of inspirational certified Agile Practitioners and Mas

Finally, we will address how Certify–To–Inspire, The Agile Consortium and Van Haren Learning Solutions can support and help organizations and training partners in their Agile journey.

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